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Your time is the most valuable thing for us. Call us today to know more about how we can help you save both money and time with one of our full-range locksmith services.

A&B Locksmith West Palm Beach is here to help if you’re searching for a reliable car locksmith in West Palm Beach. With many years of experience in working with automotive locks, our expert locksmiths have the experience and skill to help you in no time. They can unlock all cars without damage.

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Locksmith 33411

Services Available 24/7

A&B Locksmith West Palm Beach is just one call away when you need a professional locksmith to help you in an emergency. Our insured and licensed locksmiths are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you with your needs. We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction and we will do everything to ensure that you’re happy with our services.

We provide 24-hour car lockout services. Therefore, there’s always a locksmith ready to help you. Our expert locksmiths can arrive at your location within just 20 minutes, whether it is in the middle of the night or in the midst of rush hour traffic. A&B Locksmith West Palm Beach can open your locked door or trunk. We can also cut new keys on the spot, and much more.

Just pick up your mobile device and give us a call when you need a locksmith. Our friendly technicians will be happy to help you. We’ll provide a free estimate so you know the price upfront before our locksmith arrives on your location.

Highly Trained Professional

You need someone you can depend on when you require a locksmith. This is because you’re giving that person complete access to your property. That is a huge deal. At A&B Locksmith West Palm Beach, we extremely value your privacy. This is why all of our locksmiths are insured, bonded, and licensed.

We can help when you need a locksmith to repair or replace your locks, install an access control or alarm system, or rekey your doors. Furthermore, we offer emergency locksmith services. Therefore, you should give us a call if you get locked out. An expert locksmith will arrive at your location in no time. Thus, you don’t have to wait around for a lot of hours before you can continue with your day.

All Locksmiths Are Licensed and Bonded

Every business needs a locksmith standing by to help in an emergency. Our company can help your business, whether you want to install a high-security keyless entry system or you need to rekey your locks.

A&B Locksmith West Palm Beach provides tailored locksmith 33411 solutions and prices for businesses in West Palm Beach. To ensure that our job doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day activities, we’ll work around your busy schedule. For your protection, our professional locksmiths are completely insured, bonded, and licensed. We value the security of your commercial establishment and put all possible security solutions in place to protect our valuable customers.


Keys marked “Do Not Duplicate”, “Do Not Copy”, or “Unlawful to Copy” may be duplicated only if a letter of authorization from the owner or supervisor is presented with the request for duplication. If we are not already familiar with the property, and if we can’t confidently confirm the keys belong where you say it does, the duplication of such keys is prohibited.

Absolutely! A locksmith’s license is required to operate a locksmith company or shop. In order to get a license, an applicant must submit to a mandatory criminal history background check through the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

High-security locks have restricted key access, and these keys are very difficult to duplicate. They also offer the safest protection against potential burglaries, so if that is your concern, just ask us for the options.

Lock rekey involves the replacement of the current configuration or tumbler of the door locks so that the lock will only open and lock with a new key. This ensures security when someone is moving to a new house or the room-mate moves out. Our diligent specialists in Ohio will make a new key to fit the lock.

The first step would be to make sure that the door frame is strong enough. Consult an expert and use brands that are known for their durability. Do not attempt to use new technology unless you fully understand what it entails and the possible risks of installing it. We recommend that you always go for quality!

You need locksmith service for your vehicles? Or services for
your homes? Even locksmith services for your commercial
property? Or if you need Emergency locksmith assistance.
Call A&B Locksmith West Palm Beach.

You need locksmith service for your vehicles? Or services for your homes? Even locksmith services for your commercial property? Or if you need Emergency locksmith assistance. Call A&B Locksmith West Palm Beach.

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